Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems



Task 38 holds regular workshops in participating countries, often in conjunction with other IEA bioenergy tasks.

                Uppsala, Sweden 2018
                Consequences for Climate and Bioenergy of Land Sector Carbon Accounting Under the Paris Agreement

Angers, France 2017
Understanding Climate Change Effects of Forest biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Gothenburg, Sweden May 2017
Understanding the Climate Effects of Bioenergy Systems

Växjö, Sweden January 2017
Forest Modelling Workshop

Southeastern USA April 2016
Bioenergy in the Southeastern United States

Berlin, Germany October 2015
Joint Meeting Task 38 – Task 43: Climate Change Effects of Bioenergy

Berlin, Germany October 2015
Quantifying Climate Change Effects of Bioenergy

Växjö, Sweden May 2015
Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Helsinki, Finland December 2014
Forest-based Bioenergy

Copenhagen, Denmark May 2014
Forests, Bioenergy and Climate Change Mitigation

Hunter Valley, Australia November 2013
Building the Future – Biomass for the Environment, Economy and Society

Vienna, Austria, November 2012
Impact of Timing of GHG emissions

Vienna, Austria, November 2012
Linking Policy, Science and Industry

Argonne, USA, April 2012 
How to present the timing of emissions from bioenergy in LCA and GHG accounting

Campinas, Brazil, September 2011
Quantifying and managing land use effects of bioenergy

Brussels, Belgium, March 2010
Greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy systems: impacts of timing, issues of responsibility

Helsinki, Finland, 30 March, 2009
Land Use Changes due to Bioenergy Quantifying and Managing Climate Change and Other Environmental Impacts

Salzburg, Austria, 5 February, 2008 
Transportation biofuels: For greenhouse gas mitigation, energy security or other reasons?

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25 October, 2007 
Joint IEA Bioenergy Task 29, Task 38 and Task 40 Expert Consultation

Berlin, Germany, 11 May, 2007
Policies and Instruments to Promote Bioenergy and Bioproducts for GHG Mitigation

Trondheim, Norway, 5-6 April, 2006
Greenhouse gas credits trade versus biomass trade – weighing the benefits

Dublin, Ireland, 25 April, 2005
Greenhouse Gas Aspects of Biomass Cascading – Reuse, Recycling and Energy Generation

Victoria, Canada, 15 September, 2004
Forest Carbon Accounting, Carbon Offset Trading and Opportunities to Enhance Bioenergy

Sydney, Australia, 26 March, 2004
Bioenergy Australia Meeting

Rotorua, New Zealand, 22 -23 March, 2004
The Role of Carbon Sequestration and Bioenergy in National and International Greenhouse-Gas Markets

Östersund, Sweden, September 30 – October 1, 2003
Efficient Use of Biomass for Greenhouse Mitigation

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19 June 2002
Biomass Trade: Economic and Greenhouse Gas Considerations (biotrade)

Graz, Austria, 22-24 April 2002
The economics of substitution management to reduce net GHG emissions &
Forest-based carbon mitigation projects: dealing with permanence, leakage, additionality, uncertainties, and socio-economic and environmental issues

Edinburgh, U.K., 12-13 November 2001
Successful strategies for biomass-based GHG emissions reduction and mitigation: translating research into policy and implementation

Canberra, Australia, 26-30 March 2001
Carbon accounting and emissions trading related to bioenergy, wood products and carbon sequestration

Joensuu, Finland, 28 September 2000
Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry: the road to COP6

Zagreb, Croatia, 22-26 May 2000
Modelling Workshop: Bioenergy, Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration

Gatlinburg, TN, USA, 27-30 September 1999
Bioenergy for mitigation of CO2 emissions: the power, transportation, and industrial sectors

Nokia, Finland, 8 – 10 September 1998
Between COP3 and COP4: The Role of Bioenergy in Achieving the Targets Stipulated in the Kyoto Protocol

Rotorua, New Zealand, 9 and 13 March 1998
Effects of the Kyoto Protocol on forestry and bioenergy projects for mitigation of net carbon emissions

Uppsala, Sweden, 29 – 30 September 1997
Implementation of Solid Biofuels for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

Vancouver, Canada, 30 – 31 May 1997
Forestry, Forest Products and Energy: Greening the Greenhouse

Stockholm, Sweden, 29 – 31 May 1996
Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy from Forestry and Wood Industry

Graz, Austria, 20 – 22 September 1995
Analytical Framework for Greenhouse Gas Balances of Bioenergy Systems