Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Berlin, Germany 2015 – Task 38 – 43 Joint Meeting

Joint Meeting Task 38-Task 43: Climate Change Effects of Bioenergy

Berlin, Germany, October 30, 2015


To update each other on current work of mutual interest, discuss topical issues, and plan the activities that we have proposed to undertake jointly in the next triennium. The topics relate to climate change effects of bioenergy: how to quantify, and how to maximise the benefits through land management, biomass production and use, and appropriate policy. The focus is on discussion, informed by brief presentations to introduce each topic.



Introduction – Annette Cowie, Göran Berndes and Tat Smith

Modelling climate effects of forest bioenergy systems, including forest growth and responses to management:
Canadian case studies – David Paré
Finnish case study 1 – Sampo Soimakallio
Finnish case study 2 – Antti Asikainen
German case study – Jörg Schweinle
How can forest management best mitigate climate change: carbon storage in the forests or fossil substitution? – Inge Stupak
T38-43 project on modelling of soil C and litter turnover, including the comparison between Q and Yasso models – Johan Stendahl

Understanding, quantifying and managing  land-use change associated with bioenergy:
Indirect LUC definitions and measurement – Keith Kline
Quantifying and managing  iLUC – including recognising intensification potential, and associated GHG impacts – Hans Langeveld
Applying LCA approaches to quantify iLUC – Miguel Brandão

Land use and bioenergy for climate change mitigation and adaptation: other perspectives and methodology approaches than what has been seen in product based LCA so far:
Forest modelling to improve understanding of transition period dynamics of bioenergy supply – Ljusk-Ola Eriksson
Energy system modelling to explore role of bioenergy in climate change mitigation – Göran Berndes
Understanding and quantifying uncertainty and risk – Ljusk-Ola Eriksson

Informing governance of bioenergy:
Carbon accounting and the climate politics of forestry – Mattias Lundblad
Perspectives on the debate about U.S. pellet trade with EU – Virginia Dale
Communicating the climate effects of bioenergy, including using and explaining critical aspects: reference system and time perspective – Annette Cowie